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My Thighs Are Not Mermaid Thighs

August 6, 2018

My thighs are not mermaid thighs.
My stretch marks are not my tiger stripes.
My shape is not a piece of fruit.
I am not an object, animal or a fictional character and it doesn’t empower me to be compared to one because it makes me feel subhuman.

A thin girl’s thighs are not called mermaid thighs so why are mine? Why are we still creating this distinction? Regardless of size, we both have legs and that is what matters. And if you don’t have legs, you are cute too.

Why do we have to create some cute thing in order to love body parts that were never a problem to begin with. It reminds me of the fact that there are so many cute colloquialisms for periods or vaginas because we need to make it more girly and feminine.

So no my size 20 thighs don’t need to be made to SOUND beautiful to BE beautiful.
Thigh gaps and mermaid thighs are two sides of the same coin.
They are both standards.
They are both beauty ideals.
And we don’t need them.

Mermaid thighs can get in the bin, alongside thigh gaps, tiger stripes, muffin tops and all that other nonsense.

You can call your body parts whatever you want, it’s your body but for me, the word “thighs” does fine by itself. #ScarredNotScared