I Have Some Exciting News

July 23, 2018

A few months back, I did something really special and filmed a documentary with @barcroft_TV for their series Shake My Beauty! And it is finally OUT!! I’m so so proud of it and over the moon that you can finally see it ☺ They wanted to film a day in my life and that day, I happened to be doing a photoshoot for Be Real @be_real_campaign for their Real Faces campaign.

When you live your life on social media, people often wonder “but what is she REALLY like?” and what I love about what we made together is it captured that. There were moments that I thought they weren’t filming or were just shooting B roll (footage that goes in the background without any audio) but they kept all those bits in and I love that!! There’s a moment when I’m messing around with @chachipowerproject, or the moment when I was looking at the images with the photographer. Even when I’m chatting to Liam and Ramona from Be Real. All that is the real me. That’s actually what I’m like at a photoshoot! It captured me at my essence and I’m beyond proud of what we created together!