Are You Insecure About Your Laugh Or Smile?

July 11, 2018

You know what I think the saddest insecurity is? When people are insecure about their laugh or their smile.

It used to be my insecurity because of all the (racist) jokes about how my eyes would disappear when I smile. My laugh is attention grabbing. It’s loud, unreserved and unfiltered. Very much like me!

It makes me so sad because it takes away from the moments when you feel the most joy. Whatever caused that smile or laugh, meant you were in the moment and the insecurity pulls you back into your own head.
Who cares what you look like when you are happy? Who cares what you look like IF you are happy? It’s why whenever I take photos, the one I always end up posting is the smiliest one. The one where I’m mid laughter and most natural.

I believe that’s when I’m most beautiful.
That’s when I believe you are most beautiful.
It’s not about what you look like, it’s about the fact that humans are most beautiful when they are absorbed in life and loving it!
Smile as much as you can in life.
I hope I smile so much, I have the biggest wrinkles around my eyes and the biggest laughter lines. I want as much joy as I can get in life… and you deserve the same! #ScarredNotScared