ASOS Haul And Wardrobe Clearout

June 23, 2018

This is legit one of my favourite photos ever taken of me! 💁🏻‍♀️

I do a wardrobe clear-out roughly every 6 months but this time I was RUTHLESS.

Here’s how ruthless… my last clear-out was in January and yet I filled 6 bin bags and gave them to the British Heart Foundation (who btw will pick it up for you!). Usually I just give away the things that have got old or don’t fit. This time, I wanted better so I threw out anything that required another item of clothing. I own a lot of dresses for example that need a cardi to “work” or pairs of jeans that only work when I wear an extra long top. Nope, I’m not doing a jigsaw with my wardrobe! I also threw out clothes that straight up reminded me of my past. There’s a gorgeous top that I used to still wear but I bought back in my first year of university 8 years ago. Every time I wear it, it reminds me of my clubbing days in my first year of uni. I made bad decisions back then! I don’t want that vibe.

It was seriously so liberating to throw out things that I just don’t need. I never want to be attached to material possessions. I believe in creating space for new things and it was just overdue! I’ve changed so radically over the last few years and it’s time my wardrobe reflected that!

As a result I’ve been shopping a lot! New ASOS haul on my YouTube which includes dresses like this one ☝

📷: @cmashphotography
Jacket: @riverisland
Dress: @asos_loves_curve