Have The Hard Conversations

June 21, 2018

Have the hard conversations in life.

Be honest in how you feel and tell the people you love what you need. This is how we grow (like plants 🌱 😂). This is how we do better 💪🏽.
When you’ve fostered unhealthy relationships where boundaries have been broken repeatedly, you often don’t feel safe to be vulnerable and honest. Let’s flip that script. These honest conversations need to be a requirement if you have that person in your life. If you feel scared to tell them how you feel, it may be because of your past or it may be because you know from prior experience how they are going to react.

When someone tries to be vulnerable and share their emotions, and all you get is a shove back, then it’s not you who needs to change, it’s the people you have chosen. It’s a clear sign, you need to change the people you surround yourself with.

You can’t love your body if you are surrounded by people telling you that you shouldn’t.
You can’t love yourself if you are surrounded by people telling you that you are hard to love.
You deserve to feel safe in the people you keep.
You deserve to trust that your feelings won’t be thrown in your face or manipulated against you
You deserve genuine and true love.
Keep searching until you find it.
In friendships, in family, in relationships, in life. #ScarredNotScared

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