Flashback to 2012 me

May 11, 2018

There’s a hashtag trending on twitter at the moment called #2012vs2018 and the idea is to show your “glow ups”. Ummmmm no.
We could do the superficial crap… thin vs fat, makeup vs makeup free but that’s boringgggg AF.
Both these Michelle’s are doing their best.
I want to tell you about pretty cool things both Michelle’s did! Back then I didn’t celebrate me so it’s about time I did now!

– Learnt how to boss my degree whilst maintaining a social life
– Became resilient to body shaming comments
– Finally confronted my fear of dating
– Made myself vulnerable with a person I liked romantically and for the first time, broached the conversation of my scars
– Sat down to start trying to write a memoir. It took 2 years to not keep deleting what I wrote
– Accepted my body for what it was
– Stopped hiding my past surgeries like a secret
– Just learnt how to do winged eyeliner. A skill I promptly lost after this picture was taken… ok this one is a joke

– Learning really hard lessons about who my true friends are
– Figuring out that my need to be liked is no longer serving me
– Learning how I deserve to be treated and setting boundaries when that is not met
– Facing my fears around throwing events
– Finally publishing that memoir which means facing some real life situations and the people behind those events
– Raising my standards in dating and refusing to settle for less

We don’t grow or “glow” up through comparison. I don’t care if it’s between you and someone else or you and your past self.
Let’s all give our 2012 us a round of applause. They were doing fucking awesome for what they knew at the time!

2012 Michelle, I wish I could give you a hug. You were brave AF. Thanks for making me, me.
I loved you then, even if I was shit at showing it… and I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you with buckets and buckets of self love 💖
Oh and a ton of fire 🔥 🔥🔥#ScarredNotScared