Stop Being Hard On Yourself

May 3, 2018

Want to know the thorn in my side when it came to my self-love? It’s something that took me a while to conquer, and now that I have I want to share.

The hardest part of my self-love journey was trying to not be so hard on myself. And I didn’t even realise it.

Here’s how I realised it:
When I’m at a low moment (or right after, high one!), I write myself letters. Basically, I write letters when I’m going through a shit time or just came out of one, to remind myself of things that I need to remember when I can’t see through the clouds.

I realised it needed to be a goal when I flicked back and three letters in a row, I had started it with
“You need to stop being so hard on yourself”
“Can you stop being so hard on yourself?”
“It’s time you stop being so hard on yourself!” Wow. It really seems like I didn’t want to learn this lesson 😆 You can’t love yourself if you aren’t kind to yourself. So I started a new goal: be kind to myself. My self love didn’t count for shit, if when the times got tough, I was all “you need to do better”. So I worked on it and now I can say I’m kindest to myself when I’m at my worst. Because that’s when I need it! How did I do it? Simply asking “Am I kinder to myself today than yesterday?”. No? Tomorrow we get a fresh chance to start again.

People who are kind to themselves are kind to others too so it helps everyone 😉 Happy International Women’s Day! Send your favourite women your love. PS your fave should be you! If you aren’t your favourite woman in your own life, then you are either a man or non-binary, or you need to change your priority list #ScarredNotScared