You Are Asking For Trouble

February 9, 2018

Out of the two of us, who deserves more respect?

When I phrase it like that, it sounds ridiculous right? Then why are we still putting a moral equivalency to how clothed a woman is in a single instant of their life.

There is a photo I posted around a month ago from this day which @amalielee took of me standing in the mirror. And yesterday I had someone in my real life say to me: “I don’t think you should be posting photos like that. You are asking for trouble, what are men to think?” That is their opinion and here is the truth.
1) Every single guy I have ever dated since this account started has never had an issue with my social media
2) If they did, I wouldn’t be dating them. Not because that makes them a bad person but because my social media is not something I am willing to compromise
3) Men are allowed to think what they want and I am allowed to choose which men stay in my life as a consequence
4) If I do ever get into “trouble” one day, it will not be my fault. I am not asking for it, no matter how few clothes I wear.
5) In that specific photo, I am wearing a bikini. I am only as naked as I would be in public on a beach AND I am only as naked as MANY people are on a beach so if you find it so sexual, then is the problem really the bikini? Or is it that it’s a fat girl in a bikini? And THAT is something you don’t see. I’m thinking the latter and that’s exactly why I do it

Opinions don’t affect me anymore. But it does sadden me how common this opinion is. I’m so done with this mentality that all bopo women know how to do is get naked. I went through my page, and in this year there are 38/366 posts that I’m not fully dressed, you still want to say all I do is get naked? Fine, go ahead and discredit all the positive work that I do but I know the reality. Maybe the reason why 10% of photos seem more prominent in your memory is because those are the most needed. #ScarredNotScared