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Do Followers Matter?

January 28, 2018

When I started this account, I made one small decision 👆🏽 It has saved my mental health especially now that this is part of my job. Here’s a fact: it doesn’t even determine your popularity. Just take a look at the biggest youtubers… 90% of them are white, thin, able-bodied and well frankly, I already don’t look the part. In daily life, I’m not a person who gets on with everyone. One of the first words you would describe me as wouldn’t be “likeable”. Strong, opinionated, feisty… sure. Likeable? Not so much. So why would it be any different on social media.

Anyway so I was having a down day the other night when someone DM’d me to say they were my 3000th subscriber on my YouTube and I went in my stories and said how it made me smile.

The next morning I wake up to a DM from someone who kindly sent me a message to notify me that they were unfollowing cause all I care about is numbers. Um… you clearly don’t follow this account very closely because I am firm believer that if you followed this account for more than a week, you will know that I am here for so much more.

Anyway my response to this lovely lady is in my new vlog 💕