What Is Your Intention In Body Positivity?

January 14, 2018

Every time I post I ask myself: “what do my followers need to hear today?”
When I start writing a caption, I imagine someone who is at the beginning of their body confidence journey or someone who is in the middle and wobbly about whether her self love has improved at all.

I do this because everyday whenever I do anything I align with my purpose and my intention. Before I listen to a talk, I ask myself what my intention is to get out of a talk. Before I go to an event, I will ask myself what is my intention.

Sometimes it’s simply to have fun, sometimes it’s to relax, sometimes it’s to learn, sometimes it’s to make new friends, sometimes it’s to be spontaneous.

I want you today to align with your intention in body positivity. Why are you in body positive spaces? What do you want out of being more body positive?

When writing this list, ignore what your intention “should” be and instead write what is true. Write it without any judgement, even if it is the most selfish reasons in the world. You need to start fostering an honest relationship with yourself. No one is going to see this list but until you know your honest intentions for being in this community, you can’t make a full impact in yours or anyone else’s life.

Stop scrolling, and go write the list now. Instagram will still be here when you come back. So go, now! There is no point me giving you all these tools and tips if you don’t do anything with them.