When A Brand Fucks Up

January 5, 2018

We live in a culture where we are quick to label someone as trash when they fuck up. It takes one mistake and an influencer or activist is “cancelled”. But if we treat others that way, it will mean we are more unforgiving with ourselves. If we only give one chance to people to get it right, people become too afraid to try. The risk of failure and being dragged is too high and it doesn’t lead to better activists, it just leads to less activists.
I want to talk about it because it is happening to activists and brands more and more in body positivity. No, I have not fucked up recently but that’s not because I’m perfect, it’s because I’m lucky. I’m lucky that when I was making the bulk of my mistakes, I didn’t have a massive crowd to judge me for it.

Watch the video if you want to hear what I think the solution is and want to hear about one of the many near misses I caught, that you lot never found out about because I had the good fortune of seeing it the second before it was released