You Should Be Flattered

December 27, 2017

The other day a friend sent me an article with the title: “A judge said 17 year old sexual assault victim was overweight and probably flattered by it”. Since when was someone’s weight a deciding factor in persecuting on sexual assault?
I was appalled but I was not shocked.

All sexual assault is AN ASSAULT.
An assault is not flattering to anyone.
I want to address this broader narrative though, that any overweight human should be flattered at any human interaction.

Over the course of my life, I’ve had men tell me, I should be honoured to be with them, that I’m lucky to have them and that I couldn’t find anyone better in regards to my weight.
I’ve also been in a room full of men where they joked that if you couldn’t get with someone at the end of the night, just pull the nearest fat chick or ginger, cause they are the easiest.

This narrative is dependent on the belief that overweight people never receive attention and would never be seen as attractive. This is categorically false. If this was true, no fat person would ever find a relationship and newsflash, there are fat people in love across the world. There are even fat people in love with skinny people… how shocking ?

You might be used to a world where fat women were taught to have such low self esteem and settle for what they were given but the world is changing. Fat women are not easy, we do not settle and we know what we deserve. Body positivity has changed the world and you can no longer rely on your outdated assumptions that the fattest one in the room will be the most insecure.

Fat women are loving themselves all over the world now and we know our worth! Stop projecting your own self hate onto us and using us to sort your insecurities. Confront your own problems and if you treat fat women like the bottom of the barrel, then you my friend are the bottom of the barrel! ?? #ScarredNotScared