Why Am I The Diverse One?

December 21, 2017

When you see this photo, what you might be confronted with is the differences.

One is fat and one isn’t.
One has scars, one isn’t.
One is diverse and one isn’t.

But who decided that I was the diverse one?
Who decided that I was the one that was “different”?
Aren’t we all really different?

It is my belief that in this world, we all focus too much on the differences. We want to declare ourselves apart from the rest whilst also not being TOO different.

But what if we started seeing people for our similarities? What if we looked at our enemies and tried to find commonalities.

@amalielee is one of my close friends. This is a friendship that was born out of a mutual passion for wanting to eradicate diet culture and foster a place where we could all be more than our bodies.

You might see our differences, but I see otherwise.
I see two women who have been through hell and back.
I see two women who love deeply (sometimes too much so).
I see two women who have a quirky sense of humour.
I see two women who are sensitive and emotional and are unapologetic about it.
I see two fierce women who were bonded together by all they want to accomplish.

Let these beautiful friendships exist without comparison. #ScarredNotScared #RealCovery