Does “One Size Fit All”?

December 13, 2017

Let’s talk about this “one size fits all” thing.
It’s inconvenient when you are fat.
I went kayaking last weekend and when I went to put the life jacket on, I was reminded of every time that would have made me insecure. Not just if it didn’t fit, but even if I had to extend the straps. The person who had used it before had clearly been smaller than me (… as are 99% of humans in China) and extending it would have been enough to make me insecure. And when my friends didn’t have to do the same, I would wonder if they were staring.
I would’ve never taken a picture in it, and never been this happy in that photo because I would be worried about the fact that the life jacket is frankly too small. And standing next to another person would’ve led to that awful comparison thing!

If you are fat, you would’ve experienced this.
Ever gone to a friend’s house and the towel not cover you properly?
Or forgotten your pyjamas and having to borrow their dad’s clothes cause your friend’s PJs don’t fit?
Or when you do any water activity and have to fit into life jackets or wet suits?

I remember going to the Great Barrier Reef and being embarrassed that I had to get the XXL men’s wetsuit.

Even having these moments back then, didn’t stop me from joining in.
They were just thoughts.
They were just insecurities.
You decide what action you take.
You decide how much power you give them.

Your body is not the problem. Humans are not one size fits all.
Nothing in this world is one size fits all.
The only reason “one size fits all” is a thing is because society likes to ignore the portion of society that doesn’t fit that category.
They like to ignore those that don’t fit in, AND those who don’t fit in clothes.
But we are not here to be ignored and you can move past this, I promise you.
Take up space.
Don’t fit in.
Stand out.
PS meet my friend Michelle. She’s convinced we look like sisters. She likes telling people this and then they get confused and ask why our parents named both their daughters Michelle. ?