Your Insecurities Are Lies

November 25, 2017

Your insecurities are lies someone told you about yourself.

Remember this and remember that when these observations come up, don’t judge them but acknowledge that these aren’t your beliefs so you can let them go.

When someone tells you something, there is always a momentary decision before you accept it. If I told you “your skin is blue”, you would instantly dismiss it so why do you take it in when someone says “you are ugly”? Because you chose to believe it and accept it as truth.

Here’s the difference when you love yourself:
– If you told me I am stubborn, I would say yes I am, I would agree with you because I know myself. I don’t judge my stubbornness as a bad thing or label it good or bad because I know it affects me in both positive and negative ways
– If you told me I was ugly, I would think that statement was as ridiculous as you telling me my skin was blue because being ugly is not objective and it tells me more about you than me
– If you told me my writing was bad… now this is a sore point. It brings up wounding from my childhood cause english was my worst subject and I would want to ignore that pain and simultaneously internalise that belief. So what I do now is acknowledge that that statement hurt and then go through my life and find evidence and events that prove that statement wrong.

Have a go with all of this. Remember that beliefs are not facts