Behind The Scenes Of An Instagram Photo

November 23, 2017

Do you know how much goes into an Instagram photo?
That photo you scrolled past and took a second to like… do you know how much time and energy was put into it to make that one individual look perfect?
Do you know how many people were around to make their makeup and hair look flawless and position them perfectly in the light?

No. You don’t.
And you probably won’t be surprised to know how much effort and how big a team is behind each blogger’s/model’s instagram account.
But yet we still dismiss this logical side that we KNOW about when we compare ourselves to these images.
A lot of these accounts are professionally edited, airbrushed and photoshopped and whilst we all KNOW this, isn’t it easy to forget?
Doesn’t all this slip your mind when you use someone else’s photos as an excuse to self abuse.
Don’t trust everything you see online.
Don’t compare your photos to photos that have been planned for months.
Don’t compare your photos to people who do this as a job.
Don’t compare your photos full stop.

My photos happen to be effortless, easy, taken in a couple of seconds… mostly cause I’m shit at standing still.

Why am I telling you all this?
Well cause there is a hilarious story behind this photo. This was the night of @bodyposipanda ‘s book launch. @khal_essie took this photo but it was too dark so since I don’t like editing, I asked her to hold up a phone torch so there was more light. @theunedit ‘s boyfriend Rikki saw this and decided to join in and then Megan ‘s boyfriend Ben, also turned on his flash… at which point I was laughing hysterically when Terri walks over to see 3 people lighting me whilst taking a photo and yells across the room:
Took me a minute to stop laughing long enough to explain I didn’t actually ask them to do it. So no, I don’t have a team behind my account, but for this photo I did.

Thanks to Essie, Ben and Rikki for a great photo. Now I gotta work on my posing ?? The end result: some hilarious outtakes – swipe right to enjoy! ? #BodyPositivePower

Dress from @pinkcloveuk