How Society Told Me To Cover My Scars

November 14, 2017

➡️ “You are lucky they aren’t on your face”
➡️ “Have you tried this scar reducing cream?”
➡️ “You are so unlucky”
➡️ “You will find someone to love you despite them”
➡️ “Did you not use bio oil after your surgeries?”
➡️ “At least you are a girl so you can cover it with makeup”
➡️ “Well there’s always plastic surgery”
➡️ “You have a good personality to compensate”
➡️ “You are so brave to show them”

These are all things that have been said in relation to my scars. Now think about the fact that I had my first scar when I was 1. Think about what messages this sends a young girl:
– You are your body
– Your body is not good enough
– You need to work to be lovable
– You should try everything to diminish them

My scars can not be removed from my body.
You can’t talk about my scars without talking about me as a human, a whole, complete person. What you say about my scars, is what you are saying about me!

My scars are not here to be hidden, apologised for or to be diminished. They are here to be accepted, embraced and fuck it, praised. They deserve to be praised for what they do to keep me alive.

I am not despite my scars.
I am not in spite of my scars.
I am who I am BECAUSE of my scars, both physical and emotional.

Life is too short to worry about the opinions of others. Laugh in the face of people who think that scars are for the hiding. Or just laugh because you are with the best people ever… that’s what happened above ?? It’s the best people that make you forget your body. And my scars… well, I wear them like badges of honour, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So I’m here not just showing my scars, but flaunting them because why the hell not? #ScarredNotScared