In Honour Of Every Monday I Don’t Start A Diet

November 12, 2017

On Friday, I got body shamed by a psychic as you might have seen on my stories. In a 30 minute, palm reading, tarot card reading and a reading of my stars… she spent 15 minutes body shaming me. Here are a couple of the things she said:
“You won’t fall in love until you lose weight”
“A man is only attracted to healthy and fertile women and your body shows you aren’t either”
“Your joints are suffering and so is your heart”
“You need to workout.”
“You have an under-active thyroid and need Vitamin D and Kelp Pills”
“You won’t be successful until you lose weight. Your weight is preventing success in your career”

What made me laugh most was the fact I just had come out of the gym right before going to this psychic and as far as I’m aware psychic abilities don’t come with a medical degree. Ordinarily I would left the room but I was paying for it so I sat through body shaming for the first time in years. What’s strange is that I do believe she skills intuitively, but she let her own biased preconceptions and fatphobia block her reading because no tarot card ANYWHERE says lose weight.

Isn’t that such a metaphor for life? That your internalised old belief patterns stand in the way of your talents and skills shining through!

Now, I know it was just a projection of her own self hatred and limiting beliefs however previously this would have bothered me. I would have done the following:

1)Cried (not in front of her but definitely later).
2) Internalised her shame (and held onto it for the rest of my life and added to the belief that every person in the world thought like that)
3) Decided to start a diet on Monday… I.e. Today … but only after spending the weekend binging to forget about that horrible experience and prepare myself for the food fast that was due to come on Monday, aka today.

So today, this post is in CELEBRATION OF EVERY MONDAY WE DIDN’T START A DIET. Oh and I just came out of a very important meeting for the biggest thing I’ve been working on for 3 years so thanks psychic but my career is going great… WITHOUT WEIGHT LOSS. #ScarredNotScared