My Style Is Limited By My Body

November 10, 2017

I’ve been talking lately about style but I want to talk about something that isn’t discussed… how style is limited by your body size.

If I was thin, I would have a very different style. I have it in my head. It used to be my weight loss motivation. It’s hard to pinpoint but it would be something similar to boho chic. I have it in my head because I’ve never been able to live it. I can’t have that style because boho clothes are stereotypically designed for the skinniest of girls. And the clothes that fit that category do not come in my size.

Instead, I have a “fat girl’s shopping mentality”.
If it fits, I buy it.

I was joking with my size 8 housemate that if I ever got skinny, I’d have a shopping problem because I don’t know how to not buy something that fits… because I have never had the chance to.

It’s such a shame because expressing ourselves creatively through clothes is an option which I believe everyone should have.

It’s in shops that I was taught my body was a problem.
Your body is never the problem and if you’ve felt “style” was a privilege for those with “acceptable” bodies, I’m here with you babe.

So every time I put on a pretty dress or find something that works, it might not be the style I want to have, but in some small way, it is my way of biting back. No, you don’t get to define my appearance and what I wear. Good luck trying ?? #ScarredNotScared