Warning: Fat Woman In Crop Top

October 27, 2017


How controversial.
How offensive.
How mortifying.
Size 20 woman showing a bit of skin.
Got a problem?
Not my problem.
Does my body offend you?
Great! Go ask yourself why.

I bought my first crop top! I’m so freaking excited! I’ve wanted one for years but they rarely make them in my size cause the fashion industry can perpetuate the stereotype that fat girls don’t wear crops when they don’t make them in your size.
When I find the odd one in my size, it never sits right or makes me feel good … UNTIL this one!

Want to know my favourite part? It shows off my babiest of scars. You might not notice it but I sure as hell do and in the best way possible! When my scars are on show, I feel more me.

The biggest argument used against fat women is that it’s not flattering for us to show skin.

1) This actually does for all intents and purposes flatter my supposed “body shape” so THAT is categorically wrong.
⭐️ More skin does NOT equal less flattering.


N.B. Number 2 is more important than number 1
Flattering abides to beauty rules that I don’t fit into anyway.
Flattering means how you perceive me is more important that how I feel.
Flattering means I am still at the beck and call of society and what I should and shouldn’t be or do.

I’m reclaiming my body.
I’m reclaiming my fashion.
I’m reclaiming “flattering”. It is not yours to dictate what I can and can’t wear.

Too scared of wearing a crop because people might stare?
Want to know what I do?

I turn every stare into a staring competition.
It’s super fun and it makes people awkward which is the best game ever. Try it.
OR even more fun. When they stare at your belly, start to belly roll or belly dance. They clearly think your tummy is too much on show, so why not give them a show?

AKA go out there and decide that the people who stare at you are the weirdos, not you. You are just out there living your best life #ScarredNotScared