Scarred Not Scared… But Totally Scared

October 26, 2017

I’m currently sat here feeling a little overwhelmed and daunted by the fact I have some amazing but terrifying opportunities coming up.

I was trying to calm myself down with breathing slowly but then I got bored. (Hello self sabotage ??) So then, I started scrolling through my phone and saw this beautiful artwork from @rose_mccallum from ages ago which I forgot to share and it made me realise so many things.

1️⃣ I have come so far in just a few years
2️⃣ A few years ago I could never imagine I would even have got these opportunities, let alone be in the place to say yes to them (even if I’m terrified)
3️⃣ Humans are innately talented. Art is Rose’s talent… clearly! I have my own and even if I sometimes don’t see it, I need to remember that
4️⃣ I have a message, a purpose and as long as I keep being heard, it does matter how much my voice shakes because if my message spreads far enough that some stranger on the internet (sorry Rose ?) wants to draw me, then clearly my message has value.

We all have doubts.
We all feel intimidated, not good enough, and incomparable to the people around us but it is our job to remember our talents.
It is our job to use our talents even when the voice inside our head is shouting at us that we should not.

We will get through this and in 2 years I’ll be looking back thinking that all I’m accomplishing now was a piece of cake cause I’ll be onto bigger and brighter accomplishments ⭐️ #ScarredNotScared but totally scared

#ScarredNotScaredButTotallyScared (new hashtag?)