One Day, It Will Be Easier To Love Yourself Than Hate Yourself

October 20, 2017

I went swimming yesterday with my bestie and while I was waiting for my friend to change, I was staring at my thigh and I was trying to figure out how I used to hate that part of my body. My vision hasn’t changed, what I was looking at hadn’t changed, how I saw my thighs changed.

I haven’t been working out for the last two weeks because of illness and so yes I see the extra wibbleness and wobbliness but my first thought is that it was cute! I’m actually proud of myself for taking a two week break because that sometimes makes me feel less than an able bodied person but I did it anyway cause I NEEDED it. Even walking up and down the pool while my friend swam alongside me had shifted from a limited thing to do to a liberated thing to do cause I’ve accepted what my body is capable of and I am RESPECTING it by respecting my boundaries.

Anyway, back to my thighs. Out of curiosity, I tried to see if I could get that feeling back of hating my thighs… and I couldn’t. I tried really hard and I just couldn’t remember it.

One day in your life it will become easier to love yourself than hate yourself and I promise that day will come, as long as you believe it’s possible. #ScarredNotScared