How To Manifest

October 12, 2017

I am done with hiding how spiritual I am. Being spiritual or talking about the “universe” often gets shit because people think it’s wishy washy or nonsense. I don’t believe it is and as I’m not religious, my spirituality is very very important to me.

It’s given me faith when I felt lost. It’s given me control when I thought I had none and it’s something which I ordinarily keep quite private because I don’t really feel the need to convince anyone else that is works. I know that it works. But more recently I’ve been getting a few questions on it so if you did want to know how I put my goals into action, there’s a whole video on it now. Click the link in my bio.

Also it’s my birthday on Saturday, and since I don’t want or need presents, and I don’t like asking for anything that requires money but since it’s free, it would mean the world if you just subscribed to my YouTube instead. I’m so close to 2000 and I would love to hit that before my birthday!