Your Body Is Not Correlated To Your Relationship Status

October 11, 2017

There is some shit going around the internet right now about a man who seems to be really proud of himself for being with a “curvy” woman and being SUCH a great human for overlooking his wife’s body.

That’s not even the worst part – He’s being praised for it. People are writing articles about how incredible this husband is for writing a loving letter to his “curvy” wife.


You do not get an applause for loving someone bigger than you. If you think you do, you think that because of their body, you are better than them and THAT makes you a complete arsehole.

You are not doing us a service by being with us. You are not a better person for dating someone outside of the conventional beauty norm. You do not deserve to be congratulated .
These men that feel like they should be congratulated for loving a woman despite their body are the same men who tell these women that they are “lucky to have them”. I’ve been with these men. They are the kind of men who think your fat is the reason that you can’t get anyone else. They are the kind of men who treat you like shit because they assume your weight means a lack of self esteem and that you are less desirable. They are the kind of men who remind you of your weight in the relationship to make you insecure and stay because you are so convinced by his words. And they are the kind of men who throw your weight into the middle of an argument to make it seem like you are forever at fault simply because of your body
– Your weight has nothing to do with your relationship status
– Your size does not limit your dating pool
– Being fat does not make you hard to love or unlovable in any way

The men who thought I was lucky to have them soon found out that saying the words “you are lucky to have me” is the fastest way to get a fat woman to dump you.

Fat women are not easier. They are not easier to “get” or easier to “keep” so please shove your outdated belief that all fat women have no self esteem up your arse.
Also can we stop writing about anyone who dares to love a fat woman, as if it’s an accomplishment or outside the norm.