Do You Let Food Ruin Your Holiday?

September 27, 2017

Can you imagine missing out on experiences because of food?

Well yes I can, but I don’t have to because I remember it.

In uni, I stopped going on nights outs with my friends because I didn’t want to waste my syns on alcohol.
In secondary school, I nearly lost all my friends when they told me to stop dieting because I was moody without food. I was convinced they were just being jealous and didn’t want friends who weren’t supportive.
When I was 13, I went to Spain for the 1st time and lived there with 2 friends in a summer camp for a month. Every afternoon before our siesta, we would go out for “Chocolate con Churros” and for the 1st week it was fun. Then the 2nd week, the guilt kept creeping in. Am I indulging too much? By the 3rd week, I had decided I’d work off the calories in the gym before going + by the 4th, I stopped eating them altogether and would stay inside while my friends went to go get them because I didn’t want to be tempted.

If you asked me what my fave dessert was, I’d say churros, even though I haven’t eaten them in 10 yrs (or at least not authentic ones!).
It’s taken me a decade to come back to Spain.
I am over the moon to say that there was no guilt in eating these churros.
There was no workout I needed to do to deserve it.
And the most amazing thing, is I had it once + it wasn’t as great as I remembered them to be.

That’s what diets do. They make you obsess and fixate on food and want them 10x more. When you just let yourself eat what you want, when you want, for whatever reason you want, you’ll be surprised how sometimes you don’t actually want it as much.

It’s moments like this, I realise how much food freedom I have now or the day before when I was eating tapas in a bikini! Would’ve never worn a bikini 5 years ago, let alone eat in one!

Grateful I won’t be spending the rest of my life ruining holidays, ruining fun with friends and opportunities because of damn diets.

PS Thanks for all the love + support in my 10 day break! I promise the mid day reminders + my replies to DMs and comments will be back soon! Just needed a step back – more on that tomorrow! I’m having a wonderful time though. Just leaving Barcelona, on to Vienna!