Am I Authentic Online?

September 25, 2017

What happens when you aren’t the person you are online?
What happens when you post happy photos of yourself on Instagram while you are crying?

Put bluntly, YOU FEEL LIKE SHIT.
Because you aren’t being authentic.
Because you are telling the world how you are in reality isn’t ok.
Because you are telling yourself that the real you isn’t good enough
Because you are teaching yourself that the authentic you needs to be kept hidden.

I made a decision 6 months after starting this account and I’ve stuck to it ever since.
That small decision was to be myself, regardless of whether I grew or lost followers.
6 months after I started this account, I went viral and there were 100 articles written about me and my campaign + I gained 7,000 followers in one month. The next month I got glandular fever and I went to go post my normal stuff while lying in bed feeling like shit and I just couldn’t hit send.

I couldn’t preach authenticity and then in a time of difficulty do the exact opposite! So I didn’t. What I did instead was post a photo of a hot water bottle and told you the truth. I lost 4K of those followers in the next month. But you know what I kept?

My self respect.
My dignity.
My self love.
My authenticity.
My principles.
My morals.
My values.

There were times when I questioned this, particularly in my lowest lows. For the last 3 years, I have questioned everything in terms of my career, my online presence and my coaching but right now sitting in my highest high, I can tell you being authentic ALWAYS pays off.

For those who’ve asked me why – this is why I’ve always kept it real with you.
I don’t do it for you, I do it for me.
Because when I am not myself, I don’t like myself. #ScarredNotScared