Your Happiness Or Their Opinion?

September 22, 2017

This is a quote from a talk I did a couple of months ago at the @chachipowerproject when I was saying to stop caring about other people’s opinions. You know someone else’s thoughts are just a figment of their imagination. Are you really going to let someone’s imagination dictate your life? I wanted to remind you all of it because my DMs have been flooded with a certain type of message recently.

It will start with someone saying they made a body positive decision to do something different (wear a bikini, shorts, a tight dress for this first, stand up against body shame, stop dieting) and then a friend/family/stranger will have something negative to say about it and the person messaging me ends up feeling shitty/questions their choice/decide to never wear that thing again.

Well here’s the thing: Someone will ALWAYS have something to say about what you’ve done. In an interview with @people after I wore my first bikini, I said this:
“I’d love to say that I wore a bikini for the first time and no one stared but the truth is people did, people always do. The difference was that now I didn’t care”

All a thought is is someone’s figment of their imagination.
It takes a second to create a thought. Are you really going to let what other people think stop you now?

People will ALWAYS have an opinion.
How people react will never be a constant!
But are you going to live your life according to everyone else?

It’s your choice: your happiness or someone else’s opinion.
You can’t have both!
Beautiful calligraphy by @yeahokbye