Body Positive Power Review By Megan Crabbe

September 7, 2017

Look what plopped on my doorstep yesterday. I don’t even know what to say about this woman. I have read this book in less than 24 hours and as of right now, I am the only person who has a copy of a corrected proof so listen to me when I tell you, GO PREORDER THIS BOOK cause I’ve read it from cover to cover. Yes I read 279 pages in one day (no, I did not do any work yesterday but I’m an adult so sh!). Seriously, I’ve never read a book so quickly IN MY LIFE.
By now, you should all know how brutal I can be so trust me when I say you all need to buy this book, not because Megan @bodyposipanda is my friend, not because I am in it (but I am!) BUT because this book will transform your life.

If you ever get days where you get wobbles looking in the mirror, this book will remind you why you are Body Positive.
If you are new to body positivity and you still have nigglings of “but what about health?”, this book will answer all your questions.
If you still get tempted by diets, this book will banish those thoughts.

And it’s just the cherry on top of it all that Megan is truly one of the most wonderful humans. She is the only person who has read more body positive books than me (oh and @theunedit!) AND all that info and research is in this book. She is seriously smart, an amazing person and SUCH an incredible friend that she will listen to you patiently rant about a boy when trapped in the back of the car with you. Oh and this book made me cry, more specifically the section about dating, love and sex – and let’s just say it wasn’t too dissimilar from our convo in the back of the car.
Go support her! Her beautiful book is now lovingly wrecked with jottings and highlighter. I can’t wait for this book to change the world! Pre orders help this book get to number 1 and I know Megan won’t ask you, so I will! Let’s get this book to number one and send a strong message to the diet industry to go suck it! ??? #bodypositivepower