Thin Privilege in Clothing

September 5, 2017

You might recognised this dress from a recent YouTube video that I did.

I love it – and apparently so do you because when I wore it in that YouTube video, soooo many of you were asking where I got it from.

It’s from @PinkCloveUK but here’s the thing Pink Clove are UK size 16 upwards (I’m wearing size 22) so a lot of you smaller babes expressed your frustration that you couldn’t get it. I was inundated with the same kind of messages for two days and whilst I responded nicely. Something inside of me was screaming “CHECK YOUR THIN PRIVILEGE”. But you’ve heard that all before so I want you to do something else. I want you to feel that frustration and then use that to have empathy for every single fat person who feels that frustration every time she goes to the shop, every time she shops online, everytime she sees a fashion ad on the street, everytime she sees a blogger wear something she likes and probably can’t have, every time she is looking for a dress in a hurry for a specific event, or as I witnessed through @thechristinecho ‘s experience, even when you go GOD DAMN WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING. An occasion which many girls dream of, one that is meant to be fun!

Just imagine that for a minute.
Feel your frustration at not being able to get ONE DRESS and amplify it.
Then once you are done vividly imagining it, realise that that is not your reality.
But it is someone else’s.
It’s not your reality but it is for 67% of women – yes 67% of women are plus size.
So remember that frustration.
When a plus size woman complains about lack of options, remember that feeling and empathise.
When a plus size woman finds a clothing company that finally does their size, remember that feeling and understand her joy.
When a brand decides to expand their plus size range, remember that feeling and rejoice with her.
When a brand is exclusively dedicated to plus size women, REMEMBER THAT FEELING AND BE GLAD WE HAVE MORE OPTIONS.

So yes, please check your privilege and also GROW YOUR EMPATHY.

PS I don’t have any negative feelings towards anyone who sent me that kind of message. Simply using it as an opportunity to learn and grow.