How To Find a Best Friend

September 3, 2017

Female friendship is a beautiful thing. (Swipe ?? to see some old photos!)


This is my best friend, my ride or die, my bae, my would-be maid of honour if we both didn’t agree that we would kill each other.

I grew up having an ultimate BFF but then I went to boarding school in England and finding a friend was hard enough, let alone a best friend. Then I found Sophie on the first day in university, we happened to live across the hall from each other, that was seven years ago and have lived together ever since (apart from one year where we practically did anyway!). If you watched my video yesterday, you would’ve heard how she doesn’t just put up with my weird but she embraces it. In the video I tell you about how yelling “TURNIP” one day turned into our weirdest running joke or how she stayed up an extra hour for me because I needed answers to important questions like if she had an imaginary friend when she was younger.

Female friendships are a beautiful thing but a friendship when you can be so unapologetically yourself is the rarest thing in the world. She’s the first one I want to text when something goes well and she’s the first person I need to talk to if everything has gone to shit. (Seriously, a few months ago I was upset in Norway about a boy and my first thought was “I just need to talk to sophie!”). When 2016 was shit and she’d come home to me crying, she was always there – even when she’d had the longest day at work + I hadn’t moved from the sofa. When I had PTSD in 2014, she would come over and make sure I left the house for even a walk. In 2013, when I went into hospital, she planned a surprise party when I came back so I knew I wasn’t forgotten. In 2011, when we had literally just met, she was the first person I told that I had sex for the first time.

This is what I’m talking about when I say “love your quirks”, because if I didn’t love my quirks, I would’ve never found someone like Sophie who doesn’t just accept them but celebrates them.