My Therapy Experience

August 31, 2017

Before my first therapy appointment, I had to leave my keys at home because I was so close to bailing so when I say therapy is hard, I get it. The first session especially is always hardest. I never wanted to admit I couldn’t do it alone, I let my pride stand in the way of getting help for many years but letting go of my ego and finally admitting I needed help was a huge step.

You might have seen me on here saying I don’t believe in traditional psychology or that conventional therapy didn’t work for me but I never fully explained why.

I found what works for me and that’s a more holistic approach – @michellezelli is my miracle woman and if it hadn’t been for our work together, I wouldn’t be where I am today! I also share what the more holistic options are and how therapy isn’t one size fits all.
So yes therapy is hard but it’s SO SO WORTH IT!