Break All the Fashion Rules

August 25, 2017

Ok Michelle, now a serious one”
Me: …

I laugh in the face of any rules around style.
I am a fashion rule breaker.
I will rebel against all beauty commandments.
?? I LOVE clashing colours.
?? I don’t care about the latest trend. I don’t follow the crowd, I follow what I like to wear.
?? I go makeup free to meetings and 90% of the time but I feel the need to emphasise meetings because of the pressure in work environments to wear makeup.
?? I wear floral dresses and sandals in the winter.
?? I wear maternity jeans even though I’m not pregnant because they are the only jeans that won’t hurt my scars.
?? I refuse to wear heels. To formal events. In professional situations. Anywhere. Any place. Any time.
?? I wear maxi dresses even when it’s raining outside ?
?? I wear bright colours all year around. There is no such thing as a summer colour
?? Beauty does not equal pain. I will wear anything that hurts my body
?? I shave when I want to, not when my legs are on show.
?? I do not curl/straighten my hair. I don’t have the time or coordination for that stuff. I embrace my messy hair as part of my personality
?? I believe I can wear ANYTHING “at my size”. Proof: I’m a fat girl who doesn’t own a single one piece. Only bikinis, baby ?
?? I wear stains on my clothes with pride. Messy girls unite ?? (Maybe I’ll fix this one, one day. Only “maybe” cause I have bigger priorities)
?? I wear patterns + stripes. Fuck the rule that they aren’t flattering for a big girl.

So when I was taking new photos for my website and I wanted to look professional – this is what I ended up wearing. Why? Because I work my best when I feel my best. Comfy, cosy, that’s me!
(Oh and a pop of pink on my lips always makes me feel ready to kick arse ??)
So do me a favour and yell: FUCK ALL BEAUTY RULES.
Liberate yourself from this unnecessary pressure put onto us as women.
You are the only person who gets to make rules about your beauty.
Fashion is meant to make you feel good!
That’s my one and only rule. #ScarredNotScared

Thanks to the wonderful @cmashphotography for the ? unfiltered and unedited