Finding Love Fat

August 23, 2017

This is for every woman who has been told that more men would like her if she lost weight.
This is for every girl told that she had a pretty face and could actually be attractive if she lost weight.
This is for every child that believed that love was not in her future because of her body.
This is for every person who tolerated body shame because she thought it was part of parcel of dating someone skinnier.

And this is especially for my single babes.

– You attract people at the level of your self esteem
– You attract people that you believe you deserve
– People who love themselves as they are, attract people who love them as they are.

So many of you started quoting numbers at me and in case I haven’t made myself clear, I don’t care about numbers. You need ONE person (or two, three or four if you are poly) so if you want a number then fine:

Less than 1% of the population will match your necessary requirements but it NEEDS to be this narrowed down.

Raise the bar.
Have high standards.
It’s ok to wait longer for the right person.
You deserve to be treated well.

Remember this and tattoo it somewhere if you keep forgetting (just kidding…sorta)