How To Fight Like An Adult

August 3, 2017

Some of you might have seen that I was body shamed last weekend. What you won’t know is that it quickly spiralled into the worst verbal abuse I have ever experienced.

Before that point, I sent a text to her explaining to her why body shaming me wasn’t love and I want to share a section with you:
“Criticism is not love. Friendship is not shaming someone for loving their body. You can’t separate my body from my personality and choose to accept one and not the other. You have chosen your opinion over my happiness and completely disregarded my wellbeing and mental health. That is not love”. Often times when people abuse, criticise or shame you they will tell you it’s for your own good. It’s not. It’s how that individual was taught to express love but it’s your choice to choose otherwise.

Decide that you deserve better than that and then decide if the people in your life are treating you in a loving way. Love feels like love. It feels good. It doesn’t make you feel shame or embarrassment or guilt about existing.

You deserve to experience full-on, heart-warming, soul-fulfilling, deep and supportive love. Know what you deserve and make sure people uphold that.