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Your Face Is A Piece of Art

August 1, 2017

Have you ever seen your face as a piece of art?
Have you ever seen your body as a canvas to decorate throughout your life?

If you ever speak to an artist, they will always believe their art is incomplete. Even when it’s hanging up and is gone, they will always believe there’s something more that can be done to it.

I’m of the belief that you can ALWAYS add to it, there isn’t a point where you ruin art because art is art. Art can’t be ruined, it can only be added to. The additions might not always be to everyone’s taste, and some might think it’s too much, but it doesn’t matter because the artist is in charge and as long as the artist likes it, who else really matters? You can go buy your art from a different artist.

Now think of your body that way. It’s the perfect metaphor for how we should see our bodies. Our bodies are just canvases that we decorate throughout our life. Some decorations are by choice: tattoos, piercings, dying your hair. And some are not: scars, burns, bruises, loss of limbs.

Either way, they tell the story of your life and are a physical manifestation of your personality. There are many times in my life I used my body as a way of self expression. Tattoos are the main thing. It’s how I gained control of my body and made it mine again.

For way too many years, I never felt like my body was mine. It was just a toy that doctors could practice on. But getting a tattoo gave me my power back. It gave me a choice when I had none, it gave me power when I didn’t know it was inside of me and it gave me strength the year later when I had a new surgery and a new scar, I would look down at my IV drip coming out of my tattoo and remember my power. It became my reminder that my life was mine, even when I was out of control.

Use your body whilst you can.
Decorate your body like you would your room.
Your body is a piece of art.
#OneTakeBeauty #ScarredNotScared