How To Handle Body Shame

July 25, 2017

As some of you know, I had an awful weekend of body shame and in the middle of it happening, I followed my own advice and went to the loo (bathroom for Americans). When this woman persisted, I ended up leaving the party, coming home and ranting to you all on Instagram stories and I joked about how my last quote had said “You do not need to stay in the room for diet conversations” and it needed changing to “You do not need to stay in the building for body shaming conversation”.

Body shame is never acceptable.
Body shame is never the answer.
Body shame doesn’t lead to a positive change.
Body shame leads to isolation, hiding and self-hate.

Fatphobia is not a differing of opinion.
Please do not accept criticism as love.

I do not need a reason to love my body.
I do not have to justify my health or my food decisions to you.
My body doesn’t need to do anything to deserve my love.
My body simply needs to exist to be worthy.

Your body is perfect exactly as you are.

I love you all. You and your bodies.