Are You A Bigger Size Than Your Mum?

July 11, 2017


The other day, I found one of my mums old coats in the cupboard and put it on. I was shocked that it fit because my mum is literally half my size. She is the stereotype of a small Asian… and I’m not. I inherited the curvier genes from my Jewish side.

I took this photo to show my mum and turns out she owned this coat when she was pregnant with me. That would’ve upset me previously but when I found that out, instead I just thought it was really cool!

How full circle is that?! I don’t know how many times I was told throughout my teens and now, through my twenties that I should lose weight now whilst it was easy. “Your metabolism will slow down and it will only get harder”, cue this onset of panic that made me feel like I was trying to make myself smaller against a clock.

Youth is meant to equate to beauty.
Youth is meant to equate to thin.

If you’ve gain weight through pregnancy – that’s understandable, but anything else NO WAY!

If you ever feel the pressure to be thinner because you are younger, I get it. You aren’t a failure of a daughter just because you aren’t small. You aren’t a disappointment to your family just because you look different.

Youth has nothing to do with weight.
Youth has nothing to do with beauty.