All The Fucks I Don’t Give

July 7, 2017

Today I want to challenge you to give less fucks. This is a part of body positivity:
– Give less fucks about what other people think
– Give less fucks about abiding to society’s beauty rules
– Give less fucks about being different from the norm
– Give less fucks about your weight

The list goes on… for just under 10 minutes. Go write your own list, it’s so so therapeutic.

Had so much fun filming this one (even though I look like the most pissed off person ever ?) so click the link in the bio and it will give you an idea of things. If you give too many fucks right now, it’s a list of ideas that you can stop caring about. One I’m working on right now is giving less fucks about the fact I’m turning grey at 23. Yes, depressing but I’m working on giving less fucks about it.