Do You Worry About Lying On Your Side?

July 6, 2017

There’s a pretty awful meme going around about how you look fit lying flat and not so much when you are on your side. (I’m not going to share the original meme but swipe right for my @bodypositivememes version.) Here is my real life version.

Bodies have many angles. Bodies move, change and depending on which position you are, you are going to look like you carry weight in different areas.

That’s ok!

The assumption that you look better lying flat is still heavily dependent on the belief that skinnier is better and the flatter your stomach the better.


Regardless of how much weight I lose, my stomach will never be flat. My scars have created deep indents and that created my largest insecurity at 11 years old. Even in t-shirts, my stomach looked like 3 rolls and dressing each morning brought a new task of trying to hide these rolls.

It’s ok to not have a flat stomach when you are lying down. It’s ok to be round or lumpy and bumpy like I am. I am still lovable.

Flattering angles are overrated. These photos were taken while I was messing around, not looking and wasn’t posing for a photo but instead simply tanning while my friend was learning how to use my camera. Being ready for a photo is overrated. Posing for a photo is overrated. It’s why I started #OneTakeBeauty . Also forever repping scars in #ScarredNotScared ?: @curvykate