Why You Need To Hug Yourself

July 1, 2017

When is the last time you gave yourself a hug?
When is the last time you put your hand on your heart and just breathed?
When is the last time you touched your stomach gently and in a kind way?

When you grow up in a culture of self-hatred, it seems normal to pull and squish your stomach. I mean, how many movies have you watched where this happens while the girl complains about her weight? Instead of pulling at your stomach, have you tried just rubbing it in a loving way? Or resting your hand on your stomach in a peaceful way? Squishing your stomach to me is the same as that annoying aunt who used to painfully pinch your cheeks and tell you how cute you are in a really patronising way so I refuse to squish my stomach, not only because it hurts my scars but because my body deserves better than that.

If you watch my YouTube videos you will notice that I put my hand on my heart a lot. It’s a really loving way to reassure yourself. It’s a subtle to show compassion to yourself and centre yourself.

For a moment today, give it a try. Or try rubbing your arms from shoulder to elbow. It’s a really important part of self care that isn’t spoken about enough. Its a part of self care because soothing touch triggers the mammalian caregiver system so you can LITERALLY take care of yourself better. It’s also great if you get anxious or nervous. So go give yourself a hug today! You deserve it ❤

Self-touch is something that is massively underrated when it comes to self love and self care.

Make giving yourself a hug a habit. Start placing your hand on your heart more. Stroke your body instead of pulling at it.

I did a post on this the other day but thought the best way to explain it was to show you in a video. Click the link in the bio and see 5 ways to comfort yourself through physical touch.

It’s great to ground yourself, reassure yourself, feel more centred or a way to subtle show self love in a public place.

And if you got through reading all of this, AND watching the video and you haven’t hugged yourself yet – WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Stop, drop and hug yourself. ❤ #ScarredNotScared