I’m Body Positive But…

June 30, 2017

Today I really want to bust the perfectionism and pressure there is within the body positive community to be body confident all day, every day.

It isn’t realistic and it’s also not accurate. Being body confident isn’t about not having insecurities – it’s about having those insecurities and not letting them define you or affect your actions.

I believe body positivity is shown in actions, not in thoughts. You can’t control your thoughts, but you can control your actions and what I’ve found is that people who are body confident spend less time in their day thinking about their body, and their body isn’t the reason to not do something.

In today’s video, some of your favourite people on Instagram have shared their “I’m body positive but…”. There are so many of them – here’s a full list of everyone who’s in the video:
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It’s ok to not be perfect. It’s ok to be body positive and not always be body confident. It’s even ok to have a campaign about scars and still struggle with how to talk about your scars in the bedroom.
We might be body positive activists but we are human first. So proud that we are standing together and showing that perfection is overrated.

So comment below! What’s your “I’m body positive but…”? Watch the video and finish the sentence below and I’m going to make another video with all your confessions ?