Be inclusive.

June 21, 2017

Just because you aren’t offended by it, doesn’t mean it isn’t offensive.

We all screw up. I’ve done it many times in my life. Before I was aware, I used always say “man up” or “that takes balls”. I used “crazy” as much as the next person and in uni, when one of my friends called me a chink, I started using the word myself, not knowing that it is a derogatory word. Before uni, I had never heard it and you can imagine my surprise when someone told me the word I was using to describe myself is comparable to the N word for black people. YOU CAN’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW.

What is important is when you get told, or called out, what you do from there.

Here’s my go to list:
– Thank the person for bringing it to your attention because that takes bravery, especially if done privately and respectfully.
– Apologise individually to the person you have offended
– If it was on social media, remove the content.
– If the content was public, recognise your actions and explain why what you did was offensive and apologise publicly

And finally, don’t do it again.

What we do and what we say is as much a part of us as how we think. Let’s spread the love and make the love as intersectional as poss. #scarrednotscared (And before anyone goes and puts a slant on my words, this post is not about anyone or aimed at anyone. That’s not my style. If I have an issue with a person, I talk to them directly and privately)