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My Fitness Body

June 20, 2017

The sun is finally out in London + after the busiest week, today has been my first chance to enjoy it! ☀️ This week I have been in the health + fitness section of Cosmo, Self + Popsugar Fitness for my post about being the fat friend + I am happy that I am specifically in those sections.

This body right here is my fitness body.
This body works out 3 times a week + has done for the last 5 years.

This body also took a 2 week break last month cause this is also a body that gets ill + has chronic pain and invisible illness and I need to respect that.

I understand that fitness professionals will see the cellulite on my thighs + see it as a sign of failure BUT cellulite is not a sign of fitness.

I understand that fitspo people will look at my excessive fat and will tell me there is no point of working out if I’m not eating right BUT there IS a point: fun, enjoyment and body positivity. Moving my body helps me appreciate my body for it’s ability to work and moving my body also reduces my chronic pain.

I understand that people will look at this image and assume that the only reason I put on a swimsuit is to pose for Instagram BUT this is also my swimming body and this bikini goes swimming.

I understand that people will see me lying down tanning + go “if you got off your fat arse once in a while you’d lose some weight”. Well the hour before this photo, this body was in the gym.

I tell doctors I exercise 3/4 times a week and they will look surprised and ask me “really?”. That is the reality of being a woman who has a BMI that says morbidly obese. Being fat means it is assumed you are lying.

The health industry will look at this image + see a picture of an unhealthy woman BUT I’m at the peak of my health in years. I have not had a surgery in 4 years and that is an accomplishment. I am less physically limited than I have been in years and I am in the least physical pain I have been in years.

So yes I deserve to be in that section + I’m glad that the picture of “health + fitness” is changing, cause my body certainly ain’t. #ScarredNotScared#CelluliteSaturday