June 16, 2017

“I still remember the days when I prayed for things I have now”

A lot of my body positivity was born out of gratitude. Gratitude for a working body, gratitude for being alive + gratitude for the fact that I survived when others didn’t.

Today I am beaming with pride at all the love and support on all the articles. It’s been overwhelming + it’s really easy to practice gratitude on days like today but on those down days, it is HARD AS HELL.

That’s why I make it a daily practice. I make regular gratitude lists + today I wanted to make mine public.

My gratitude list for today:
Always so loving, so supportive + god damn loyal in standing by my side when I’m down.
All the people in my life who I know off social media + knew me as the “fat friend” + reached out to either say they never viewed me as that, that they felt that way too or that they are sorry for their behaviour
? CHRISTINE @thechristinecho :
I spent the day with a friend I only met through BoPo. I feel not only privileged to be her friend, but lucky that I now have her in London with me + god damn honoured that she chose to spend such a special day wedding dress fitting with me! She got me laughing so hard today playing on bumble
My health has been shit for the last 2 weeks + I had been focusing on all the things I can’t do but yesterday I finally felt healthy enough to be back in the gym! And that, combined with physio, I feel so bloody capable again!
I seriously don’t know where I would be without it. Everything revolves around how happy + beautiful my body is. My body isn’t a deciding factor anymore + that’s liberating as hell, whether it’s jumping into a Fjord or posting about it online!
Everything that could go wrong in the last 2 weeks, did but this is on my list because those weeks made me grateful for when things are going well. It made me not take my good moods for granted. It made my self belief stronger because I had no reason to believe in myself.

If you are going to blame yourself for everything that goes wrong, at least do yourself the service of blaming yourself for all the things you do right as well! #scarrednotscared

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