Walk Away From Things That Don’t Serve You

June 6, 2017

“I’m starting to love the sound of my feet walking away from things that are no good for me” – A.G.

When you find your voice, you’ll find it hard to switch it off.
When you find your self belief, you’ll find it hard to choose others over yourself.
When you find your confidence, you’ll find it hard to keep your mouth shut just to maintain your popularity.

When you find all of these things, you start to realise NOTHING AND NO ONE comes before you and what you need. You start to realise that if they don’t like you as you are, then they don’t like you at all.

I want to be surrounded by things and people that fuel my fire, keep me alive and tell me to keep going.

I had the most motivating lunch today when I was honest about who I was and where my motivation is at right now and my friend sat there and refused to let me quit. “Now is not the time to give in, now is the time to push harder”, he said.

Such a different response to the few people in my life who were way too quick to plan a Plan B for me. I don’t want a plan B, I don’t need a plan B and I can promise you if I put my energy into preparing a plan B, I will end up using it.

Be wary of the people in your life who jump back into your life when you are low and remember the people who will get behind you and push you forward in those moments you need it.

By all means have a cry and feel your fucking emotions. But only for today because tomorrow you need to fight. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and let’s go at this thing we call life one more time ??