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How To Handle 200 Thousand Trolls

June 4, 2017

Love your body, like your life depends on it. CAUSE IT DOES.

The amount of life that is wasted saying no to fun, saying no to opportunities, saying no to love is SO SAD.

I’ve just spent the last three hours deleting disgusting troll comments on my feminism video for International Women’s Day.

I’m good though because of two things.
1) I went to therapy this afternoon before all this crap hit so I was in a mentally strong place thanks to @michellezelli
2) I spent the evening with two of the most empowered feminist (AND PROUDLY SO!) friends who made me laugh through all the deleting. (Watch my stories to see how funny they are!) With each aggressive comment, I’m reminded why I’m doing this and with each rape threat, I am even more determined to call myself a feminist! ?? Thank you so much for all the loving and support – it’s helping to keep me strong ❤

They keep trolling, they keep hating… and with each comment that leaves me unaffected and mentally strong, I’m reminded how strong and powerful I am.

Everytime someone tells me to go kill myself, I am reminded how scared of life I used to be.

Everytime they threaten me with rape, I am reminded of how cautious to not to piss anyone off I used to be.

Every time they hurl abuse, I am reminded why I am doing this and how much further we have to go until men and women are equal.

I am a freaking powerhouse, and them telling me to lose weight, shut up or die won’t do a thing to my self esteem and body confidence. At the end of the day, even in the video they made mocking me, they didn’t show their face and they used an automated voice to ensure complete anonymity. All bullies, cyber or real life ones are cowards that don’t deserve your time of day. They are too scared to face their own problems that they project on everyone else. They are so unhappy that they want everyone else to join them. They are in so much pain that they hurt others to distract themselves from their own pain.

I’ve been told to laugh it off and ignore it but I refuse to. We can’t normalise this. I have filed a report with the police and they have launched an investigation. They might die down on my page but they do this each and every week to someone else and we need to take that seriously.

Most importantly they aren’t going to deter me so brand new YouTube video out with all the answers to your lovely questions: THE QUESTIONS I HAVE NEVER ANSWERED