May 28, 2017

Ok fine, that isn’t a thing but can it be pleassseee? ?? I was scrolling through my phone and found a few selfies and it made me realise how long it’s been since I hated my reflection.

It’s been a bloody long time since I used a mirror as a weapon. It’s been years since I was that girl who used them to check for weight gain, pulling at my skin, yanking my hips wishing they would disappear. That girl deserved so much love and I’m so happy that I can give it to her now.

I now kinda love mirrors, in a way that it’s like seeing an old friend. Whether I’m in the most skin tight outfit I’ve ever worn whilst trying on skiing thermals or I’m in a sports bra and sweating it out, or completely naked (no picture for this one! ?), I’ll welcome my reflection any day because I’m ok with saying hi to me. ?? There was a point where I would shy away from mirrors but now I’m in love. I look in the mirror and I see my life. I look at my body and this mother instinct perks up because I’m seriously protective of this body. This body has been through enough and I’m so proud of it for getting us through everything.

So today is mirror appreciation day. Thank you for letting me see my smile, my emotions, my body. Thank you for reminding me where I come from with parts of my culture coming through.

Thank you for helping me see my Chinese eyes that used to get mimicked, as beautiful. Thank you for helping me realise when they get small, I’m usually grinning my biggest grin and that’s what’s important.

Thank you for helping me see my British unruly hair that used to get me in trouble at school, as beautiful. Thank you for helping me realise that it is symbolic of my personality, as opposed to something that needs to be tamed.

Thank you for helping me see my Jewish bum and hips that I was told “would at least be good for childbearing”, as beautiful. Thank you for helping me be proud of having my grandma’s curves and realising that childbearing wasn’t the only positive to having this figure.
Thank you to all mirrors everywhere for helping me get to know my body because as my phone case says it makes me SO FUCKING happy ? #scarrednotscared