What I Love Most About Being A Woman

May 26, 2017

@straightcurvefilm asked me what I loved most about being a woman and this is what I had to say.

Personally, what’s most empowering about this video is how I look. I filmed it there and then, exactly as I was – overly stressed and tired, needing a shower and a good 10 hour sleep, make up free and in my glasses (I have to be seriously busy to not even have time to put contacts on!). To me it’s different when I create something for my own page and I create something for someone else’s. When it’s for someone else, I feel more pressure to look presentable. We are always told that first impressions count and the thought that a new person would meet me looking my worst was one I didn’t like! BUT I believe that when you feel that societal pressure of what you “should” do, you must do the exact opposite!

So international women’s day today is my catalyst for change! Happy international women’s day and go to @straightcurvefilm to check out the video with so many amazing ladies! Also go check out them @keresley @lizagoldenreal @anoopvirk@hartjeandresen @hannahfrankdusar@devon.kab @projectloveschool @__sbutta@schillian #straightcurvesisters