The world has scars, and so do you.

May 12, 2017

“See even this world has scars, she would say. And look how beautiful they can be.” ?? The moment I saw beauty in my scars was a powerful one. There so much artistry in my surgery scars, the symmetry and the way my body has moulded around each new alteration.

Not just my surgery scars but my stretch marks, how they intricately lace and weave in and out across my hip. Not just my stretch marks but the little bumps and bruises showing how much I enjoy life and throw myself at it with full force.

In these marks are the time I fell over rollerblading, sliced my finger cooking for the first time, burnt my arm making honeycomb, scraped my knee paddleboarding. With each surgery scar, there are tears, emotions and memories embedded within them.

Now tell me that’s not beautiful.