Living With Scars And Facial Disfigurements

May 6, 2017

Meet this lovely woman, Phyllida Swift @phyllswift – she was in a car accident in Ghana 16 months ago which left her with a facial disfigurement.

I sat down with her to have a conversation about scars as part of Scarred Not Scared. I think something which isn’t talked about enough is the difference between having scars that can be hidden (like mine!) and ones that are visible in your day to day life.

I’ve wanted to have a conversation about this for a long time but I didn’t want to speak on behalf of anyone and so when Phyllida got in touch, I thought she was perfect.

We touched on so many insightful subjects including the difference between getting your scar at her age compared to when I got mine as a child. It’s something I never thought about, until she mentioned it and to be able to talk to someone who just totally gets the day to day experiences of living in a scarred body was such a heart warming experience.

This woman is truly remarkable and how she is being a source of inspiration so soon after her accident is something I have a huge amount of respect for. Her attitude and thoughts on life are ones worth listening to.

Quite fittingly she is my Scarred Not Scared Woman Crush Wednesday. Make-up free, filter-free and bullshit free, she really gets to the core of how it is living with facial scarring and I can’t thank her enough for helping me open up this conversation.
Click the link in the bio to give it a watch ❤️ #scarrednotscared#womancrushwednesday